Amy Duffy
When it comes to Pet sitters in our area, there are many to choose from. They may talk a good game, but Taking the Lead delivers. I've used them for 3 years and they've never let me down. Janine and Sue, the owners, are both amazing people and they've hired the best team to work for them. I can't say enough good things about each and every one of them. They introduce your pets to several of their team members, so they can rotate, if necessary, and your pets get to know all of them. We have 3 dogs, one of which is still in a crate, and another is a senior. They walk my young Lab daily, and let my Golden retriever out in the yard while Cooper is on his walk. They've never missed a day, I can't stress enough how reliable they are! I get a detailed note everyday, telling me if Coop did all of his business, if Macy wanted to go outside or not (and if she was just basking in the sun, not wanting to come back in!), as well as a report on my old guy which is so important to me. They even let me know they refreshed the water and gave everyone treats and hugs. We've used them for overnight stays at our house, which is so comforting to know they are being cared for just like you would care for them yourself. They treat your pets as if they were their own, and it shows in their services. I can't say enough good things about Taking the Lead and I recommend them to everyone I know!