Taking the Lead Pet Care

Answers to Your Questions

Are Meet & Greet's mandatory for new clients?

All first-time clients will have a scheduled meet and greet with a company representative and any pet sitters that may be taking care of your pets while you are away. During this 30-minute visit, we will discuss your pet’s daily routine and any important information we should know about your home and pets. We will determine a schedule for all visits, confirm dates and spend some time getting to know your pets. Because we want you to feel comfortable with our professional pet sitters, references can be provided before the meet and greet for your review. Please be prepared to have 2 copies of your keys available along with any security alarm information and codes.

Keys & Security Alarms
We require a minimum of two keys from all clients, or, one key and electronic access information via garage doors, remotes, or door knob codes. All keys are number coded and kept in a fire proof safety box when not in use. Each sitter registers a key to their possession in our scheduling software at the start of a job and returns it to the office upon completion. Most of our clients prefer that we keep their keys in our security box for convenience of any future visits needed. Lost keys are covered by our insurance policy. If we lose a key, we will pay to have the locks replaced as needed.
Insured & Bonded
For the safety of you, your pet and your home, our company, and all of the professional pet sitters that work for us, are insured and bonded. Proof of insurance can be provided upon request.
How do visits work?

We understand that when you leave, you and your pets may both be feeling more anxious than normal. Our Professional Pet Sitters will make sure to help your pet adjust and look forward to each of their visits while you are away by giving them extra love, attention, and spending time with them to develop a special bond with them. We try to limit the number of pet sitters to two or three depending on the length of your trip away. All pet sitters are required to check-in using our scheduling software and will communicate with you and each other on a regular basis. Regular security checks of the home will be done to check for leaks, accidents, broken windows and home heating and cooling functions. In the event of an emergency with your pet or home, you will be contacted immediately by your pet sitter. If you cannot be reached, the home office and your emergency contact will be called.

What is the difference between a Professional Pet Sitter and a Hobby Pet Sitter?
When you contract someone to care for the well-being of your pet(s) and your home, the responsibilities of that person go beyond just ensuring food, water, medications and exercise. The possibility of something going tragically wrong may not be that great, but they are actually greater than you may realize. Many sitters have had to deal with illness, injury, dogs getting out of fenced in yards, dog fights and more. When it comes to home issues, sitters have faced broken water pipes, floods, break-ins, etc… Knowing how to handle these situations in a professional and efficient manner is what sets a Professional Pet Sitter apart from a Hobby Pet Sitter.
A Professional Pet Sitter will have a registered business in your state and be responsible for paying federal and local taxes. A Professional Pet Sitter will have liability insurance to protect you, your pet and your home. They will have a legal contract for you to sign that will protect you and their business, and other forms to complete that will give them all of the information they need to provide the very best care for your pet.

The pet care industry is evolving and growing. Many people may believe anyone can be a pet sitter. A Professional Pet Sitter will go above and beyond in the quality of service they provide you, be reliable and take their career very seriously.

What is your cancellation policy?
For regularly scheduled clients, we require 24 hours’ notice of cancellation in order to receive a credit on account. Vacation clients and visits scheduled on major holidays require a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice in order to receive a 50% credit on account.
Will I always have the same pet sitter?
We work as a team for the benefit of our clients and their pets. We know that life does not always go as planned and want you to know that your visits are guaranteed. Consistency is important, so we like to keep the same 2 to 3 sitters for each client in order to cover longer vacation care reservations and have back-up in the event a pet sitter is sick, has car problems or is scheduled off. We do our best to accommodate pet sitter requests to the best of our ability.
Can I request a specific visit time?
At your initial Meet & Greet, we will review your desired time frame for visits. Due to the possibility of delays beyond our control, we always tell our clients that we do our best to be there within an hour time frame of your request. We cannot guarantee an exact time in the event our pet sitter’s schedule gets delayed due to an issue at an earlier job, car troubles or traffic.
Do you board pets?
All of our services are offered in your home. We believe that having your pet stay in their own familiar surroundings helps to eliminate additional stress and anxiety while you are away. We offer a variety of visits to accommodate long days and trips to be sure your pet is comfortable, eating, and not showing any signs of distress.
What if our pet needs medication or has special health issues?
Our team of Professional Pet Sitters has hands-on experience with a variety of special health-related requests including insulin injections, assisted walking harnesses, oral medications, topical and eye treatments. All special requests will be thoroughly reviewed and a visit showing procedures can be scheduled prior to the first visit.